Supreme Council


Erian: Qandil Government Formed in Difficult Circumstances; Needs Reshuffle

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian affirms that current Prime Minister Hisham Qandil’s government requires urgent reshuffle in compliance with Egypt’s newly-approved national charter.

Media Experts: Attack on Freedom and Justice Newspaper Serious Assault on Freedoms

Egyptian media professionals and experts condemn a violent attack on the Freedom and Justice newspaper head-office as an attempt to silence the paper, and an attack on freedom of the

Egypt Information Minister to Political Parties: No-One Will Be Excluded; Freedoms Guaranteed for All

Egypt’s new Information Minister meets with the heads of the country’s political parties; assures them that State-owned media outlets will not alienate any political players, and that freedom of speech

Strategic Plan to Raise Egyptian Labor-Force Skills

Egypt’s new manpower minister seeks to activate existing partnership contracts to set in motion an all-inclusive training and vocational guidance plan aimed at raising the general standard of Egyptian labor-force

National Accord Statement to the Nation

Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s President-elect, leads a broad and diverse coalition rejecting the interim ruling Military Council’s Friday statement and its defense of the constitutional decree it issued days ago.

Heshmat: Military Council Copies Mubarak; Hinders Democratic Transition

Freedom and Justice party denounces Military Council’s latest statement, a leaf taken from ousted Mubarak’s black book, and the threats it makes against the revolution and peaceful protesters.

Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Appeal SCAF’s Disbanding of Parliament

FJP legal committee president assures party seeks to uphold the rule of law without circumventing the will of the people or allowing any authority to encroach upon the other.

Freedom and Justice Party Rejects SCAF’s Coup D’état against Democracy

The FJP affirms that the interim ruling Military Council – that was not elected by the people – does not have the right to dissolve a democratically elected parliament, assume

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Abbassiya Events, Atrocities and Arrests

Cairo – May 5, 2012: Translation of Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the latest atrocities and arbitrary arrests in Egypt’s Abbassiya district and around the Ministry of Defense building.

Katatni: Egyptian People Will Not Accept Presidential Elections Delay or Postponement

The whole nation is ready and willing to rise again in revolt against intransigence, repression and persecution, if presidential elections are postponed, delayed or suspended.