Supreme Judicial Council


President Morsi Meets with Egyptian Judicial Agencies; Calls Justice Conference

Seeking to remove all obstacles to achieving justice, Egyptian President Morsi agrees with top judges to convene a ‘Justice Conference’ at the Presidency.

Freedom and Justice Party: Judges Must Purge Judiciary Themselves

Freedom and Justice Party expresses hope that forthcoming Justice Conference would soon submit its own amended Judicial Authority Law to Egypt’s legislature.

FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation

Egypt’s upper house of parliament pledges not to pass a law regulating the judiciary without first getting the judges’ views.

Upper House Asks Supreme Judicial Council for Own Judicial Authority Law Amendments

As FJP’s Erian asserts that Egypt’s Judiciary must be consulted on amendments to law regulating its authority, Shura Council invites top judicial body to provide its own law amendments.

Egypt Upper House Will Discuss Judicial Authority Law; No Approval Without Judges’ Views

Egypt lawmakers assure judges’ opinions will be taken into consideration as an amended judiciary law is debated and passed.

MB Calls for Exclusion of Abdel Salam Gomaa from Prosecuting Al-Adli

The Muslim Brotherhood expressed deepening concern on the trial of Habib El-Adly and six of his senior aides standing trial for the intentional murder of unarmed protesters.

Egypt: Open All Judicial Positions to Women

Despite this important ruling, women are still barred from serving as judges in other state bodies, including criminal courts, the New York-based rights group said.