Report: Israel prepares to block aid convoys

-More than 700 international peace activists are aiming at arriving to within a few days by sea to the besieged Gaza Strip. According to the European campaign to End the

Freedom Flotilla: Israel’s threats will not stop us from sailing to Gaza

The organizers of the Freedom Flotilla convoy said Saturday that Israel’s intimidation tactics will not stop aid boats from sailing to the besieged Gaza Strip.

El-Baradei’s US visit too candid

"Could be candidate" Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei's visit to the US has been met which much controversy.

The Melting of America

The eight years of George W. Bush’s wrecking ball undeniably helped set our descent in motion.

Norway’s Ethical Leadership

Steps taken by Britain, Sweden, and Norway acknowledge the illegitimate nature of several Israeli policies against Palestinians -- pressuring Israel to change those policies, says Rami G. Khouri.

Gideon Levy / Let’s face the facts, Israel is a semi-theocracy

The storm over remarks made by Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman is in many respects a tempest in a teapot, which has for a long time taken on holier aspects than

When it comes to blogging in Egypt maybe “Honesty isn’t the best policy”

It seems that saying or writing what you think may get you into a lot of trouble. The latest in a number of deportations from Egypt include Per Bjorklund, a

Sweden refuses Lieberman’s visit

Sweden has refused to open a judicial inquiry into a report published by the local paper Aftonbladet charging that the Israeli army was harvesting Palestinian organs.