Swine Flu


Egypt has plan to battle Bird flu

The Egyptian health ministry said this week that the country is moving ahead with efforts to stall the spread of the deadly avian influenza, or the H5N1 virus, after a

Egypt reports one Bird flu death

The World Health Organization (WHO) this week confirmed two cases of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, in the country’s newest outbreak of the virus. One of those cases resulted

Egypt says Swine flu cases on the decline

Egypt’s health ministry has said that cases of the H1N1 virus, or Swine flu, are declining and that this will continue through April.

Egypt H1N1 death toll rises to 258

The Egyptian Health Ministry reported on Sunday that the H1N1 influenza death toll has risen to 258. The statement said that one person was reported to have died from the

MPs accuse govt of pushing unsafe H1N1 vaccine

Gamal el-Zeini, MP for the ruling National Democratic Party, criticized the Health Ministry in Monday's parliamentary session for encouraging the public to take the vaccine against the H1N1 virus, or

Egyptian University Presidents set on banning niqab during exams.

The fierce campaign against the students wearing veils continue as University officials ban over 20 students from taking their tests simply for wearing protective facial masks

Egypt: Swine flu deaths rise to 201

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced on Monday 6 more deaths as a result of the deadly H1N1 virus, or Swine flu, in addition to 8 new deaths that were

Swine Flu Deaths Reach 159

On Monday 10 new deaths were reported as a result of the H1N1 virus.

Egypt Reports 115 Swine Flu Deaths

Cairo: Three new deaths were reported as a result of the virus known as H1N1 on Monday raising the number of swine flu deaths to 115 in Egypt. A statement

Egypt Swine flu deaths rise to 86

The Egyptian health ministry reported on Sunday a further two new deaths as a result of the H1N1 virus, or Swine flu, bringing the official total of dead in the