Statement from Syria Muslim Brotherhood

To All Syrian citizens… To the men and women of the Syrian Revolution who believe in freedom, justice and human dignity… With all the international, regional and local developments impacting

Muslim Brotherhood Stance on Syria Latest Developments

Dr Mohamed Hekmat Walid, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, said the group would not accept any settlement to be imposed on the Syrian people under duress, stressing that

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Jarablus Liberation First Step to Foiling Division Plots

 In an important and historic step, Syrian revolutionaries backed by Turkish tanks Wednesday seized the strategic town of Jarablus in northern Syria from the clutches of ISIS (Daesh), stopping militias

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on Al-Nusra Split from Al-Qaeda

Official position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria regarding the separation of Al-Nusra Front from Al-Qaeda: 1. We welcome every step made by any group or faction to return to

Muslim Brotherhood In Syria Condemns Rukban Attack on Jordan-Syria Border

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria condemns and denounces the terrorist bombing incident in Al-Rukban region on the Syrian-Jordanian border. We extend our condolences to the families of the martyrs of

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supports Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya

 While our beloved country is witnessing a great many momentous events that threaten the homeland with waves of sedition, discord and division, we find a glimmer of hope in the

Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Massacres Expose World Complicity in Ongoing Genocide

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria issues a statement mourning the death of hundreds of people in Aleppo in current 9-day massacre by Russian, Iranian and Assad forces, amid shameful world

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Condemns Assad Aleppo (Syria) Massacres

A press release from Ahmed Assem, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, on the latest massacre of civilians in Syria by Assad forces.

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Mourns Syria Martyrs; Vows Victory for Arab Spring Revolutions

Egypt's Anti-Coup women alliance reaffirms that the Revolution in both Syria and Egypt must go on until ultimate triumph over the murderous traitors who rule over and massacre the people