Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Assad Commits Horrific Massacre in Eastern Ghouta

 Criminal Assad’s brutal regime has committed yet more massacres, killing dozens of innocent Syrians under the nose of the international community that sponsored the supposed peace truce. In the latest

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Aljaji – Former Comptroller General of Syria Brotherhood Branch

The Muslim Brotherhood extends its deepest condolences to the people of Syria and the Muslim World, and mourns the death of the great scholar Dr Mohamed Deeb Aljaji, former Comptroller

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Turkish Justice and Development Party Elections Win

 The Muslim Brotherhood salutes and praises the Turkish people, who today succeeded in establishing the democratic course it chose for effective change. The group also salutes and congratulates the Justice

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Raging People Reject Injustice’ Revolutionary Week

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance urges all patriotic citizens to join the Revolution to oust the brutally repressive military junta and its puppet regime, by turning out for a fresh week of

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Congratulates All Muslims on New Hijri Year 1437

On the eve of the new Hijri year, the office of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad vows to continue to do its uttermost in support for the January 2011 Revolution till

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls New Revolutionary Week

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Egypt hails fearless students' protest action, political prisoner steadfastness and increasing popular support for the January 2011 Revolution.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Iran-Russia Invasion of Syria

Amidst an international conspiracy against the Arab World, and Islamic identity as mainstream Sunni Muslims, courageous Syria and its great men stand steadfast in a historic battle against the Russian

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Russian Occupation

In a new and significant development, Russian military movements began in the heart of Syrian territories, proving the permanent member of the Security Council is now playing the role of

Syrian City Duma Demolished with Iranian, Russian Participation Amid Western Silence

Not for a single day did Assad’s air force stop or pause its bombing of civilians in all parts of Syria – with excessive brutality and in a deliberate indiscriminate

Mohamed Hikmat Walid Elected Comptroller-General for Syria Muslim Brotherhood

Syria Muslim Brotherhood's Shura (Consultative) Council elects Dr. Mohamed Walid to lead the group for a four-year term.