Syrian Human Rights Committee


Syrians Protest in Cairo Calling For Solidarity

Protests were held in Cairo on Thursday, by the Syrian community calling on the international community to interfere and take the necessary steps to protect civilians in Syria.

Petition Launched Demanding Syrian President to Face International Tribunal

A petition by the 'Go Petition' website has been launched to bring justice to the oppressed and defenseless victims of Syria’s corrupt and brutal regime.

Syria’s Torture Methods Reaches All time High

In a bid to stem protestors in Syria, authorities have used various methods of torture against them ranging from beatings, blindfolds, handcuffs and verbal abuse.

‘Free for Syria Organization’ Issues Its First Statement on the Situation in Syria

The Syrian people are being massacred every day amid a media blackout and lack of action from the international community.

Syria Continues Vicious Clampdowns on Activists

In a bid to crush an anti-regime protest movement in the coastal city of Banias, shots rang out in a Damascus suburb surrounded by troops, and Syrian security forces rounded

Syria’a MB offshoot condemns genocide against its peaceful people

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria issued a statement condemning and denouncing the genocide committed by the regime against the Syrian people.

Syria closes border with Jordan following Daraa massacre

Early Monday the southern Syrian city of Daraa witnessed Thousands of Syrian troops backed by tanks firing indiscriminately leaving bodies lying in the streets.

No one owns Syria’s uprising

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in January, Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, said that his main objective was to address his people's "closed-mindedness". He made it clear that

Security apparatus in Syria contains demonstrations

Since the unrest in Syria began on 15th March, fear of the security services and a descent into Iraq-like chaos, as well as the president’s reformist image has kept things

Syrian Human rights calls for the end of Syria’s brutal massacres

Security forces of the Syrian regime in the city of Lattakia are committing a massacre, in which more than 25 peaceful citizens so far have been killed, despite no resistance