Syrian National Council


Al-Bayoumi: The Syrian Revolution Will Triumph; World Support Essential

Dr. Rashad Al-Bayoumi, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), assures international community that the Syrian revolution will succeed and prevail, and that the Syrian people will win their freedom,

Syrian National Council Urges World Stop Genocide at Syrian Assad Hands

Harrowing reports from Syria tell of more horrific massacres, mass rapes and cold-blooded executions by Assad forces, with 50 women and children murdered in their homes in a tiny town

FJP Receives Russia’s Ambassador in Cairo

Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP), President Dr. Mohamed Morsi received Russia’s Ambassador to Cairo, Serge Kerbetchenko at the partys headquarters, Sunday December 25.

Syrian Opposition Rejects Bashar’s Truce, Vows to Continue Protests

Despite confirmation by the Arab League that the Syrian regime has accepted to halt its violent crackdown against civilian protesters immediately, to withdraw its troops from the cities, to release

Syria: SNC Slams Continued Brutal Massacre Against Peaceful Protesters

The Syrian National Council (SNC) has issued a statement vehemently condemning the killings against Syrian protestors.

SNC Sees Arab League’s Statement Encouraging Assad to Persecute Revolutionaries

Yasser Najjar, member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), expressed regret that the Arab League Emergency Meeting yesterday stopped short of suspending the membership of the repressive Syrian regime's and

Arab Support Forum Calls For SNC Recognition & Ban on Bashar Satellite Channel

Khaled Hamza, General Coordinator of the Arab Support Forum (ASF), confirmed the cancellation of the legal suspension on lawsuit filed by the ASF against the Egyptian military (SCAF) for the

Syrian National Council: Assad’s Threat to the World not to Recognize Us “Cowardly”

Yasser Najjar, member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), rejected Syrian threats of retaliation against any country to recognize the SNC officially.

Muslim Brotherhood Wants ‘democratic’ Syria

The Muslim Brotherhood wants a "democratic" Syria not an Islamic state to replace the regime of embattled President Bashar al-Assad, the group's former leader said late on Sunday.