Syrian Opposition


El-Erian: Bashar’s End is Nigh; Syrian Opposition Must Unite

In a joint meeting of the Egyptian People’s Assembly Committees of Arab Affairs and Foreign Relations, Vice Chairman of the FJP warns Syrians against the perils of sliding into a

Statement by the Arab League Following the Developments of the Situation in Syria

The council of the League of Arab States, held on the ministerial level in a resumed session on November 24, 2011 in Cairo.

Syrian Opposition Rejects Bashar’s Truce, Vows to Continue Protests

Despite confirmation by the Arab League that the Syrian regime has accepted to halt its violent crackdown against civilian protesters immediately, to withdraw its troops from the cities, to release

Syrian MB: Revolution Will Continue Till Oppressive Regime Toppled

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) pledged in its latest Shura Council emergency meeting to continue in its solidarity with the revolution until the regime is ousted and the dream of

MB Meets Syrian Opposition Delegation and Voices Support

Media spokesman and Executive Bureau member for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan met Monday with Syrian political opposition leaders, at the group’s headquarters in Muqattam, Cairo.

FJP Urges International Intervenion to End Civilian Massacres in Syria

The Freedom and Justice party called on the international community to support the Syrian people and immediately withdraw legitimacy from the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad due to its continuous

Members of Kuwaiti Parliament Attend Conference in Cairo in Solidarity With Syrian Uprising

In expression of support of the Syrian people facing brutal crackdowns, a conference will organized by the Arab activists onTuesday August 16 at al-Azhar Conferences center, the main hall.

Egypt: Army’s Role in a Democracy

Egypt has taken drastic steps and made many sacrifices to move forward towards becoming a fully-fledged democracy.

FJP Condemns Arab and International Silence on Massacres by Syrian Regime

Slamming the massive military operation underway in Syria, Dr. Gamal Heshmat a leader with the Freedom and Justice Party, criticised Syria’s President Bashar and his methods in crushing the seeds

Syrian MB Accuses Regime of Inciting Sectarian Divide

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria accused the Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his regime of advocating sedition and orchesterating violence.