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Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Syrian Regime’s Massacres in Douma

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the genocide committed by the Syrian regime, amid the silence of the world, in the eastern Ghouta, culminating in the horrific massacre using chemical weapons

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Massacres, Ethnic Cleansing in Ghouta

 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) strongly condemns the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Syrian people, culminating today in the eastern Ghouta of the Syrian capital, Damascus, by the murderous

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria on the Massacres in Ghouta

In view of the horrific massacres and genocide by Assad regime forces with the support of the Russian and Iranian occupation in the eastern Ghouta, and with an international silence

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Pentagon Arming of YPG Separatist Kurdish Fighters

Following the announcement by the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) of the White House’s approval for arming the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, we the Muslim Brotherhood

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Stop Executing the Poor and the Oppressed” Peaceful Protest Week

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance urges all Egyptians to unite and rise in a fresh week of non-violent protest action, vowing a near victory against the military junta currently ruling Egypt and

Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Denounces Aleppo Holocaust; Urges Unity

Aleppo, and Syria in general, is the most afflicted of all Arab lands. Only Gaza, and Palestine in general, is suffering almost as much at the moment. The carnage in

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Aleppo Devastation

For more than three years now, Syria has been suffering constant international aggression against its people and its territories, with Russia continuously and brutally bombarding the city of Aleppo and

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Displacement of People of Waer, Homs

 In a new episode of the Assad regime’s crimes of systematic demographic manipulation, the government is preparing to displace nearly 100,000 Syrian citizens from district of Waer in Homs, right

Statement from Syria Muslim Brotherhood

To All Syrian citizens… To the men and women of the Syrian Revolution who believe in freedom, justice and human dignity… With all the international, regional and local developments impacting

Muslim Brotherhood Stance on Syria Latest Developments

Dr Mohamed Hekmat Walid, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, said the group would not accept any settlement to be imposed on the Syrian people under duress, stressing that