Syrian regime


New Syrian Brotherhood Leader: Continuity or Change?

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s recent selection of a new General Guide is generating speculation about the group’s trajectory after a period in which it gave up most opposition activities.

Robert Fisk: The Arabs have their gulags too

We know all about Guantanamo. We know about "black" prisons. You only have to read the evidence from the latest drum-head "trial" at Guantanamo – a man called Khadr.

Amnesty says Kurds trial in Syria a farce

The trial of five members of the Kurdish minority in Syria began again on Tuesday amidst much international rights groups’ frustration. London-based Amnesty International called on Syria’s Supreme State Security

Boycott of Islamist movements to Arab leaders’ summit in Damascus.

It seems that the Syrian authorities will be facing an embarrassing predicament if the leaders of Sunni Islamist movements insist on boycotting the Arab Leaders summit later this week. Ali

Syrian MB: US Does Not Think Of Ousting Syrian Regime.

In a dialogue with Ikhwanweb, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni accused the Syrian regime of fabricating the recent incident of bombing the US Embassy in Damascus as

Syrian MB Condemns Attack On US Embassy In Damascus.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni condemned the attack on the US embassy in Damascus and called it a contradiction to Islamic teachings ” We reject violence or

Syrian MB Shura (Consultative) Council’s final communiqué

Syrian MB Shura (Consultative) Council’s final communiqué After the first ordinary session (August 2006).