Syrian regime


Ghozlan Condemns Houla Massacre, Urges World Governments for Effective Response

The whole world is shocked at yet another cold-blooded murderous act of terror by Assad’s regime in Syria, where over 108 children, elderly people and women have been bombed to

Freedom and Justice Chairman Meets With Italian PM Mario Monti

Cairo – Tuesday: Freedom and Justice Party receives Prime Minister of Italy who started on Monday a two-day visit to Egypt as part of a Middle East tour.

French Ambassador Visits Muslim Brotherhood Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman receives French Ambassador to Egypt, expresses gratitude for France’s stance in support of Syrian people against Assad’s brutally repressive regime.

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Issues Post-Assad State-for-All Commitment Charter

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood declares new Covenant that reassures world community that new post-Bashar Syria will be a State of justice and rule of law, equality, stability and peace.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Release Syrian Youth

While Assad’s heinous forces ravage their villages and towns, torture, rape and slaughter their families, Syrian youth are absurdly thrown into Egyptian prisons for protesting the atrocities.

The Freedom and Justice Party Views on Current Events

Egypt still suffers persistent economic, political and security crises due to the weak performance of the interim government, which seems totally oblivious of the desire and the will of the

German Social Democratic Party Chairman Pledges Economic, Industrial and Tourism Support for Egypt

Freedom and Justice party receives top German officials, in Cairo, urges support for Syrian revolution, and hails German rejection of Israeli settlement expansion.

Al-Bayoumi: The Syrian Revolution Will Triumph; World Support Essential

Dr. Rashad Al-Bayoumi, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), assures international community that the Syrian revolution will succeed and prevail, and that the Syrian people will win their freedom,

Dr. Ghozlan Urges Global Protest Against Syrian Massacres; Demands Immediate Removal of Assad Regime

Brotherhood Media Spokesman pleads with international community for fast and effective action to halt Syrian massacres of innocent women and children perishing in droves at the hands of cold-blooded heinous

Syrian National Council Urges World Stop Genocide at Syrian Assad Hands

Harrowing reports from Syria tell of more horrific massacres, mass rapes and cold-blooded executions by Assad forces, with 50 women and children murdered in their homes in a tiny town