Syrian regime


El-Erian: Bashar’s End is Nigh; Syrian Opposition Must Unite

In a joint meeting of the Egyptian People’s Assembly Committees of Arab Affairs and Foreign Relations, Vice Chairman of the FJP warns Syrians against the perils of sliding into a

Morsi Receives Chinese Delegation

Dr. Mohamed Morsi urges Chinese to take a more humane stance in ongoing Syrian revolution issue, to stop wanton violence and destruction wreaked by Assad and his military might.

Egyptian Parliament’s Arab Affairs Committee Urges Syria Support

As Assad follows in Gaddafi’s footsteps, Egyptian Brotherhood leader Dr. Beltagy demands urgent support for Syrian Revolution, and Egypt’s Parliament escalates tone against ruthless regime.

Brotherhood Students in Egypt Demand Bashar’s Ouster, Syrian Revolution Support

Egyptian students vow support for Syrian Revolution against bloody Bashar’s murderous militias and demand Egypt deals more adequately and forcefully with the tyrannical Syrian regime.

Freedom and Justice Party Presses Egypt to Submit Draft UN Resolution to Stop Bashar Massacres

With its demands for recall of the Egyptian Ambassador to Syria fulfilled, the FJP urges the government to take a more positive stance against inhuman massacres and bloody atrocities perpetrated

Heshmat Welcomes Recall of Egyptian Ambassador to Syria; Demands Bashar Departure

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has urgently summoned Shawky Ismail, the Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus. Amr Rushdie, a spokesman for the Ministry and Minister Plenipotentiary, said, “On Sunday morning, the Minister

Ennahdha’s Statement of Solidarity with the Syrian People

As the Arab Spring continues, so does the persistence of the brave Syrian people in their struggle for freedom. The brutal Syrian regime's insistence on murder also continues as the

Arab Forum Calls For Russia and China Boycott

Vehemently condemning the brutal Syrian regime's atrocities against the people, the Arab Solidarity Forum expressed its deepest regret and strong condemnation to the suffering of the Syrian people, amid Arab

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood: Russia and China Justify Al-Assad’s Crimes in Syria, Must Be Boycotted

Dr. Hammam Saeed, Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan, called for a general boycott of Russian and Chinese goods after both countries used the so-called Veto in the UN Security Council

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to the World: Time to Intervene to End Horrific Massacres

Spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), in Syria Zoheir Salem, stated that it was not surprising that Syria's leader, Bashar Al-Assad continued with his murders against Syrian protestors Friday as