Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians: Nasrallah’s Speech Most Provocative

Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians criticizes Hezbullah chief Nasrallah’s speech, in which he announced his organization’s commitment to all-out fight against the Syrian people.

Ennahdha Party Statement on Israeli attack on Syria

Ennahdha Party, which has been following with great concern the Israeli attack on Syrian territories:

Shura Presser Tuesday Announces Resolutions and Recommendations on Syria, Palestine

Egypt Upper House holds special Syria, Palestine session Tuesday, followed by a press conference to declare resulting decisions and suggestions.

FJP Urges Arab and International Action to Stop Assad’sMassacres in Syria

As Assad massacres burn and slaughter women and children every day, the Syrian National Coalition condemns international community silence and the FJP’s Heshmat calls for urgent effective action.

Egypt Brotherhood Urgently Condemns Assad Use of Deadly Poisonous Gas Against Syrians

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood issues a strong statement denouncing Bashar Assad’s reported use of non-conventional murderous gas bombs against revolutionaries in Syria.

Ghozlan Condemns Houla Massacre, Urges World Governments for Effective Response

The whole world is shocked at yet another cold-blooded murderous act of terror by Assad’s regime in Syria, where over 108 children, elderly people and women have been bombed to

French Ambassador Visits Muslim Brotherhood Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman receives French Ambassador to Egypt, expresses gratitude for France’s stance in support of Syrian people against Assad’s brutally repressive regime.

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Issues Post-Assad State-for-All Commitment Charter

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood declares new Covenant that reassures world community that new post-Bashar Syria will be a State of justice and rule of law, equality, stability and peace.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Release Syrian Youth

While Assad’s heinous forces ravage their villages and towns, torture, rape and slaughter their families, Syrian youth are absurdly thrown into Egyptian prisons for protesting the atrocities.

Al-Bayoumi: The Syrian Revolution Will Triumph; World Support Essential

Dr. Rashad Al-Bayoumi, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), assures international community that the Syrian revolution will succeed and prevail, and that the Syrian people will win their freedom,