Tahrir Square


ANHRI Annual Report: Human Rights Situation in Egypt in Steep Decline

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) issued its annual report on the democratic process in Egypt in 2017, which it described as "steep decline". The Network said: "The

Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested

 Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested  Three days after the US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,

Rights Organization: Coup Forces Attack Foreign and Egyptian Journalists Covering Protests Monday

Arab Observatory for Media Freedom denounces coup security forces' brutality against media professionals doing their duty, and the forces' attempt to storm the Egyptian Journalists' Union HQ.

Rights Group: Coup Security Forces Assault, Detain Journalists During Friday Protest Coverage

An Egyptian rights organization documents many incidents of police brutality against journalists covering anti-junta mass protests across Egypt.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Fulfilling the Revolution’ Protest Week

Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition reiterates that Egypt's current predicament and crises can only be solved through completion of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, in order to oust the military junta

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Vows Return to Liberty Squares, Crushing Protest Wave

Egypt's youth against the coup movement urges all patriots to join an escalating revolt that should pave the way for a decisive victory over the coup regime in January 2016.

Egypt Students Against the Coup Rejects Junta Parliament Elections

The Students Against the Coup revolutionary movement calls all Egyptians, especially youths, to boycott the sham elections rigged by the junta and its collaborators at home and abroad.

Egypt Student Union Statement to All Egyptians

The Egyptian Students Union issues a statement rejecting calls to mandate Al-Sisi to supposedly fight terrorism, which is deemed a clear incitement to civil war.

Press Release: January 25 Revolution on the Ground

Egypt's pro-democracy coalition warns coup regime and security forces to stop spilling the blood of unarmed peaceful protesters.

Heshmat Hails Youth Spearheading Egypt Revolution, Tahrir Square Flash Mob Rally

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood Gamal Heshmat praised Egyptian youth's resilient defiance of bloody coup repression and junta violence.