Talaat Fahmi


Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman’s Statement on the Arrest of Three Women in Alexandria, Monday

The following is a press statement by the Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman, Dr Talaat Fahmi, on the arrest of 3 women in Alexandria, on Monday November 27, 2017 “It is the

Muslim Brotherhood: 13 Innocent Egyptians Arbitrarily Killed by Coup Forces

By killing 13 more innocent people today, the indiscriminate killing policy used by the traitorous coup junta’s regime in Egypt continues, in vivid contrast to its blatant failure in real

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Politically-Motivated Death Sentences Against 11 Innocent Egyptians

The coup junta’s judiciary in Egypt has just added a new farce to its growing list of horrid crimes by ordering the execution of 11 innocent citizens through judicial platforms

Spokesman Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Recognize Any Elections without President Morsi

Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said the group "does not recognize, or have any thing to do with, elections that may be held in Egypt" in the group’s first official

Muslim Brotherhood on Human Rights Watch’s Report on Torture in Coup Prisons

Human Rights Watch’s latest report on torture in Egypt under the coup regime is clear and compelling, documenting brutal military coup crimes in Egyptian prisons, which it described as crimes

Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood History Proves Group Never Was a Terrorist Organization

Dr Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said the group was a defender of the homeland, never a terrorist group. "Hassan Al-Hudaibi, the group’s former Chairman, was the President of

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release Condemns Coup Junta Killing of Innocent Egyptians, Opponents

This is addressed to the coup junta ruling over the Egyptian people by force of arms: Your continued killing of innocent young people in cold blood after evidently subjecting them

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Security Sweep, arrests of Uighur Muslim Students in Azhar University

The military junta’s coup forces in Egypt recently launched a racist security crackdown on Uighur Muslim students of Al-Azhar University. News and scenes of those students handcuffed and detained to

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Storming of Press Syndicate, Sale of Egyptian Islands

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the storming of the Egyptian Journalists’ Union by the military junta’s forces and the arbitrary arrest of a number of journalists after their sit-in was dispersed

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to exert legal, political and popular efforts at local and international levels to ensure that all political detainees and those unjustly sentenced to death restore their