Political Prisoners Plea from Tanta Main Jail

As a group of Muslim Brotherhood youths inside Tanta Prison are brutally beaten and led away to an unknown location, the notorious jail's inmates demand better treatment and detention conditions.

Over 15-Mile Long Human-Chains Welcome Dr. Morsi in Gharbiya Province

A massive rally and march, with welcoming human-chains receive Brotherhood’s Dr. Morsi in Egypt’s most intensive presidential campaign.

MB students face unjust charges and detentions

MB students have felt the harsh injustices by the ruling regimes state security apparatus with interventions during activities by University guards and administratons. Measures including expulsion, remanding in custody and

Tanta Flax workers’ demo – no end in sight?

Workers launched a strike on 9 December after the dismissal of their local union head, Salah Mosallam

Conference in Gharbeya Gathers all political powers for al-Aqsa

The Muslim Brotherhoob bloc in Gharbeya governorate organized a mass conference, on 29.10.09 at the Doctors Syndicate headquarters in Gharbeya, in solidarity with al-Aqsa under the title “al-Aqsa is our

People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance

Egyptian Actor Nour Al Sherif said that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and that it targeted in the past, only  occupiers. 

Jail of 30 MB Leaders renewed more 15 days

After the attorney general issued his oral decision and informed the lawyers of releasing all Gharbiya and Sharqiya’s Muslim Brotherhood detainees earlier yesterday, and with fierce pressures from the state

Gharbiya, 9 Sharqiya MB Detainees Released

The public prosecution released, on Wednesday afternoon, all Muslim Brotherhood members detained in Tanta, the city capital of Gharbiya.

Abu Shanab: Regime Fears MB Reform Agenda

An Egyptian court recently ordered MB Executive Bureau Member Lasheen Abu Shanab (picture, left) under house arrest, citing health reasons. House arrest is a fairly new maneuver used by the regime