Tariq Ramadan


President Obama’s Islamist Opening in the Middle East

Increasingly rising Islamists forces have rejected terrorism and salafist doctrine but supported violence by Palestinians against Israel and Sunni resistance against Shiia militias and U.S. forces in Iraq.

Scholars encourage dialogue to normalize Muslim and non-Muslim relations

According to scholars that although Terrorists and religious extremists may continue to grab headlines Muslims should distance themselves and should not allow episodes destroy the Muslim movement

Debating Non-Violent Islamism

Berman gets Ramadan's struggle backward. Ramadan's primary adversaries are not liberals in the West but rather literalistic Salafists whose ideas are ascendant in Muslim communities from Egypt and the Persian

A Conversation With Tariq Ramadan

European campaigns to ban burqas, the Swiss vote to bar new construction of minarets and attempted terrorist acts in the United States have renewed questions and concerns about the compatibility

Islamic Reform conference defining moment in Western Muslim History

The world-famous Sheldonian Theatre, will witness Islamic reform being taken to another level in an exclusive collaboration of religious culture.

Muslims Today: A Radical Reform

In his first Washington appearance since the U.S. government allowed him to enter the country, prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan will join John L. Esposito in a conversation exploring the

It’s All about Reconciliation

Tariq Ramadan is a public intellectual who has been a figure of both much praise and much condemnation, occasioned by controversial statements and positions that have cast him alternately as

Islamophobia can be cured with a dose of tolerance

Despite the recent United Nations Human Rights Council adopting of a resolution slamming Islamophobic behaviors by some countries, hints of rejection are still relevant.

MB grandson bridges the gap

Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan the grandson of the MB's founder had his banned US entry lifted last January.

Banned Under Bush, Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan Returns to US

Ramadan says he was kept out because of "The fact that I was very critical about the US's foreign policy." Critics claimed he donated to a Hamas-linked charity, and those