Hamas Leader: Palestinian Liberation More Important Than Statehood

Khaled Mashaal, Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, stated that liberating Palestine from occupation is more significant than the bid for its statehood.

Mubarak’s Last Gasps

According to the CIA's declassified documents and records, senior CIA operative, Kermit Roosevelt, paid $100,000 to mobsters in Tehran, in early August 1953, to hire the most feared thugs to

The Obama administration’s double standards

Lawrence Davidson views a prime case of US double standards: the failure of the Obama administration to prosecute prominent US Republicans for lending support to an Iranian group that is

Iran eyes change in Egypt and Saudi Arabia very differently

If a foreign observer had been present in Tehran during the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt, he or she would have been surprised by the lack of enthusiasm displayed by

Iraq’s Shi’a Leadership Crisis & the Iranian End Game

Iraq’s “Shi’a House” (Al-Bayt Al-Shi’i) is in a state of political turmoil. After enduring 1300 years of subjugation before their ascent to power in 2005, Iraq’s Shi’a are on the

Former CIA Officers warn Israel may attack Iran this month (Must Read)

A group of high level former U.S. intelligence officers has just published an extremely important analysis warning that Israel may plan to attack Iran as early as this month (full

ElBaradei: I take the Muslim Brotherhood at their word.

In an interview published in the July 12 edition of the German magazine Der Spiegel, the Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize laureate also discussed the desire for change in his homeland,

Israel’s bomb out of the shadows

Israel faces unprecedented pressure to abandon its official policy of “ambiguity” on its possession of nuclear weapons as the international community meets at the United Nations in New York this

The Digital Dictatorship

It's fashionable to hold up the Internet as the road to democracy and liberty in countries like Iran, but it can also be a very effective tool for quashing freedom.

Clashes break out in Iran as anniversary marked

By noon, thousands of Iranians – many of whom had taken to the streets since last summer’s controversial election – were in the main squares of Tehran.