US soldiers ‘killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies’

Andrew Holmes, Michael Wagnon, Jeremy Morlock and Adam Winfield are four of the five Stryker soldiers who face murder charges. Photograph: Public Domain

Terrorism: I am a Muslim; I am a victim of terrorism

Those who try to make the word 'terrorism' a synonym of the word 'Islam' try to brainwash us these days by the phrase "I am a Muslim, I am against

Let Muslims build near site of ground zero

American Muslims are guaranteed the same rights, privileges and protections extended to every other citizen by the Constitution, and this includes full participation in society and freedom of worship. Calling

Obama hosts second Iftar for Muslims

President Barak Obama hosted an Iftar (meal for Muslims who break fast at sunset) for a second time since his coming into power.

MB strongly condemns the killings of relief workers in Afghanistan

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam El-Erian vehemently deplored the massacre of 10 aid relief workers who were killed in Afghanistan while returning from one of the villages.

Muslims: The threat from within

Contrary to the relatively recent but widespread fiction, Islam took roots and spread in much of South Asia not at gunpoint.

OIC condemns bombings by “enemies of Islam”

Extensive protests and a shutdown in major commercial centres and students belonging to seminaries took to the streets after Friday prayers.

Al-Qaida kills eight times more Muslims than Non-Muslims

Few would deny that Muslims too are victims of Islamist terror. But a new study by the Combating Terrorism Center in the US has shown that an overwhelming majority of

In Their Own Words

We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population', and ' Jewish villages were built in

Robert Fisk’s World: The truth about the Middle East is buried beneath the headlines

Amira Hass was spot on when she said last week that her lifetime women's award was an award for failure. The West Bank correspondent of the Israeli paper Haaretz eloquently