Were the Pope’s words Questions or Accusations?

The Pope should not have asked his audience about Islam during his philosophical lecture, instead he could ask the Muslim official and popular scholars all over the world. All these

Jordan MB Condemns Assault on Tourists

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Salem el Flahat condemned the assault perpetrated by two persons against tourists in Amman. Flahat expressed his astonishment at what

Habib Calls On Russia To Reconsider Its Position

Russian Ambassador to Jordan Alexander Calogen posted Jordanian MB Chairman Salem el Flahat dismissing as groundless reports that Russia has placed the Jordanian MB on its terrorist list.

Habib Calls For Removal Of Jordanian MB From Russian Terrorist List

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib commented on the recent Russian decision enrolling the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood on its terrorist list by saying

King’s interview with MBC regional director and senior correspondent of Al Arabiya

Q. Your Majesty, let’s start with the terrorism that threatens people’s security, especially in this region. Please allow me to be frank. You announced after the attacks on Amman last

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Heinous Bombings in Dahab

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement in the aftermath of the Explosions at the Dahab resort in Sinai. "The Muslim Brotherhood deeply regrets

Akef Criticizes U.S. Policies And Calls for Muslims Unity

In his speech before the 3rd international conference for supporting Palestinian and Iraqi resistance, the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Mr. M. Akef, criticized the US policies in the region and called

Akef Commends Saudi Security for Foiling Attack on Abqaiq

Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, addressed his tribute to Saudi security forces for foiling the attempted terrorist attack, Friday, 24 February 2006, against the