The MB Stands for Justice and Freedom

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the assassination of Osama bin Laden stressing that every person who is accused of a crime has the right to be put on trial.

Fighting terrorism requires more than just killing Bin Laden

The killing of Osama Ben Laden might help to put a closure for the thousands of families who lost their loved ones to al Qaeda, and represents a major symbolic

Order after Disorder

After the disorder of the Revolution and the ultimate fall of Hosni Mubarak, the military sought to restore order as quickly as possible. However, even though this was a reasonable

Senior MB: Freedom and Fair Trials Versus Terrorism

Saad al-Husseini, member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau stressed that the reason for Egypt’s suffering is due to the state of tyranny in country.

The Future of Israel

The Israel I live in today is a country where at least half the population is cut off from full-participation in society because of an impenetrable wall of racism and

My advice to Egypt

The New Year bombing in Alexandria, which killed as many as 25 innocent people, nearly all of them Christian Copts, shocked Egypt and the Arab world. It infuriated Christians and

Egyptian official: New Anti-terrorism Law Postponed until Further Notice and Emergency Law Sufficient

A government official has revealed that the government intends to postpone the adoption of the draft anti-terrorism law for a non-specific period, although the law was originally listed in President

Eight Protestors Trial Postponed as Activists Cry Foul

Eight protestors arrested earlier this week were released by a Misdemeanor Court in Cairo after they were detained on the backdrop of protests against the church blast in Alexandria on

ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egypt’s Interior Minister

The Paris based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has stressed that it is about time the government listen to the public and opt for alternative policies stressing it would

23 dead in latest Alexandria Bomb Toll as Protests escalate Across Egypt

The number of victims of the Alexandria church bombing has climbed to 23. According to Church sources the number of victims of the church blasts in Alexandria has reached 23