Terrorist Attacks


Passing the Buck – Who Is to Blame for the Church Bombings?

If it were only an outdated Emergency Law, poverty, rigged elections, corruption, and police brutality, Egypt would be bearable, but now we have terrorist attacks against a minority group and

Investigation Underway as Egyptian Government Blames Foreign Actors in Bombing

Seven people are being held for questioning over the New Year's bombing of the church in the city of Alexandria while 10 others have been released, according to officials.

Differences Between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hard-Line Salafi Groups

With the growing frequency of terrorist attacks happening the world over at the hands of people who claim to be Muslims, the differences between various Islamic groups becomes blurred, as

White House Gathers Information on Alexandria’s Church Bombing

Michael Mounir, spokesman of Hand-in-Hand for Egypt, has received calls from White House officials inquiring about the criminal blast that took place outside the Al-Qiddissine (The Saints) church on Saturday,

Students, Opposition, and International Groups Condemn Church Bombing

The deadly blast outside an Egyptian Church in Alexandria was condemned by representatives from Egypt's entire political spectrum, governments worldwide and international organizations.

Pentagon author exposes Zelikow’s key role in 9/11 cover-up

Maidhc ? Cathail views recent evidence provided by a former US intelligence official indicating that Philip Zelikov, executive director of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States,

Egypt releases Cairo bombing suspects

The Egyptian government has ordered the release of 7 people who allegedly took part in the Cairo bombing of a local market in February 2009, which left one French teenager

Ideological Detox and the Muslim Community

Every single attempt at terrorism by Muslims pointed to an anger sparked by geopolitical actions taken by Western governments. Whether it is the atrocities committed in the Gaza Strip or

MB lashes out against Egypt gov’t over terror charges

“The MB is based on reform on the basis of correct and complete Islam through all and any peaceful means,” the statement said.

‘No Muslim involved in suicide attacks in country’

KARACHI: Floating the idea of a change in the Pakistani society, Jamaat-e-Islami’s top leadership at a congregation of the JI’s workers unanimously blamed the United States’ agencies for terrorism, chaos