Human rights irony for the US and Arab world

Since September 11th, the United States and the Arab world have traveled a treacherous road together. Where they have arrived after ten years sets them apart. In the US, the

Iraq: 52 Killed In Retaliation For Quran-Burnings In US

Iraq’s security problems continue to be severe, if not generally crippling the way they were in 2006, as underlined by Sunday’s guerrilla takeover of a Baghdad church and the subsequent

Scholars encourage dialogue to normalize Muslim and non-Muslim relations

According to scholars that although Terrorists and religious extremists may continue to grab headlines Muslims should distance themselves and should not allow episodes destroy the Muslim movement

Israel’s new “video game” executions

Jonathan Cook views Israel’s increasing use of video-game-like remote killing machines, which have been deployed to murder Palestinians and Afghans and are being aggressively marketed throughout the world.

Fox in the henhouse: can we trust Israeli security companies?

This week we learned that Israel had staged scenes from the Freedom Flotilla attack using actors and common Hollywood special effects, called “double negative”.

Israel’s Messianic Terrorists

Barely a week goes by without news of some act of violence by Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.


Islam is the unfortunate scapegoat presented, stereotyped and linked to each catastrophe which so happens to involve an individual Muslim, who by the way may not be a practicing Muslim.

Was Homeland Security Created to Protect Those Who Deceived the US?

Was Dr. Nidal Hasan a terrorist? Or was he a troubled pawn in an ongoing psy-ops campaign meant to revive a narrative that—like the fixed intelligence—was losing credibility? Both the

FAA and NORAD Changed Records to Accord with Cheney Lies

A senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, has written a book exposing the degree to which our response to 9/11 was disorganized and outdated–geared to respond to an

Swiss organization calls for stopping Israeli attempts to attack Aqsa

The Swiss rights for all people organization called on the international community and the UN organizations to necessarily move to stop the repeated Zionist attempts to storm the Aqsa Mosque,