Fort Hood and Swiss Minarets: The Existential Problem of Scorpions in a Bottle

Tom Friedman is quite right in his New York Times op-ed piece of November 29th where he exclaims to Muslims: “Whenever something like Fort Hood happens you say, ‘This is

Backlash against Muslims after Ft. Hood shootings

In the wake of the Fort Hood, Texas shootings Nov. 5 which left 13 dead and more than two dozen wounded allegedly by an Army psychiatrist who is a Muslim,

Rahm Emanuel Speaks for Obama

It’s true that Emanuel did say that 'Israel must halt settlement construction on the West Bank'; but in the context of his whole speech, that was mere lip-service to a

Fort Hood Tragedy… Muslim Soldiers Speak Out

WASHINGTON – Several Muslims who have served or are currently serving in the military say the tragic deaths of 13 soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas, at the hands of Army

Horror at Fort Hood Inspires Horribly Predictable Islamophobia

" -- Thursday's shootings at Fort Hood army base in Texas -- which have left at least 11 people dead and 31 others wounded -- were of course the "horrific

Islamophobia Strikes Media

No one knew on Thursday whether stress, fear, anger over mistreatment, mental illness or a warped understanding of his religion might have motivated Major Hasan. But there is a rush