The Egyptian Authorities


Demonstrations at Egyptian embassy, as European MPs dismayed at Egyptian procrastination

Tens of Italians and sympathizers with the Palestine cause demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy in Rome on Saturday to protest the Egyptian construction of the steel wall along

Gov’t anti-siege committee: Lifeline to enter Gaza by Tuesday night

Hamdy Shaath, the head of the government committee to break the siege, said he expected the international aid convoy Lifeline-3 to reach Gaza Strip by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

IUMS Statement on the iron wall between Egypt and Gaza

All praise is due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger, his family, Companions, and those who follow his guidance.

Stymied in Cairo–still something is gelling among the international marchers

The Egyptian authorities have told the organizers of the Gaza Freedom March once, twice, three times and four that we can’t go to Gaza, but the organizers will go back

Cast Lead 2

It seems that most of the people in the Gaza Strip are more or less satisfied with the functioning of the Hamas government.

Alshaab Newspaper: Egypt is building an electronic fence around Rafah city

The Egyptian Al-Shaab newspaper reported Saturday that the Egyptian authorities embarked on building an electronic fence around the city of Rafah in Egypt in order to reduce the entry of

Egypt: Detention and torture of Zakaria and Dia Ibrahim

The Egyptian authorities continue to forcibly arrest anyone who challenges the regime.

Egyptian authorities bar entry of American students into Gaza

The Egyptian authorities have barred the entry of a group of American students into the Gaza Strip on Friday, the Khibra (expertise) institution for consultants and development in Gaza said.

Haneyya gov’t asks Cairo to facilitate entry of miles of smiles

The government of Ismail Hnaeyya has asked the Egyptian authorities to facilitate the entry of the European aid convoy miles of smiles that has been stranded off the Egyptian harbor