The Egyptian Government


The Nag Hammadi story: arresting citizenship

Last Friday, January 15th, was “negatively” a special one for Egyptian blogsphere and civil society.

Bloggers Stifled Again in Egypt

Freedom House condemns the arrest of 19 activists in Egypt -- among them leading bloggers, political party representatives and journalists -- and demands their immediate release without harm.

Egypt to strip search passengers?

According to unconfirmed reports, the Egyptian government has introduced new strip searches for passengers arriving or departing from Cairo International Airport in a bid to increase security in response to

British writer: Egypt participates in the US-led blockade on Gaza

British writer Seumas Milne accused the Egyptian government of effectively participating in the US-led siege on the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Egyptian government’s denial of the lifeline convoy from

Demonstrations in Egypt

400 protesters and foreign activist gathered on Friday afternoon in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Demonstrators rally in solidarity with Palestinians third aid convoy.

Egyptian and foreign activists organized a protest in front of the French Embassy in Cairo demonstrating their disappointment with the Egyptian government for banning the third aid convoy to Palestine

‘Egyptian policy leads to the brothers becoming the enemy’

One year after Israel’s offensive in Gaza, the Egyptian government is still defending its policies surrounding the devastating three-week campaign as it pushes ahead with the construction of a steel

Solar power coming to Egypt: Minister

Egypt’s Electricity and Energy Minister Hassan Younes said on Tuesday that the country it looking to expand solar power production for possible export. He added that in order for this