Two Sit-ins to Protest discontinuance of Thuggery Investigation

On Wednesday, Kifaya stages an hour-long sit-in before the Bar Association. The movement protests the General Attorney’s decision to suspend the investigation on the attacks and harassment targeted journalists and

Fed-up Egyptians boost Brotherhood

Mohammad El-Sabbagh wanted nothing to do with the violent clashes that erupted between police and the general public on the final day of parliamentary elections in Egypt last Wednesday.

Victims of Egyptian Vote

Victims of Egyptian Vote Although the Egyptian polls wrapped up, more than thousand of Brothers are sill nationwide detained. In el-Sharqia governorate, 118 were put under arrest; only 60 of them

Police and thugs are source of violence

An Egyptian was shot dead Thursday in the latest round of parliamentary polling which was marred by violent incidents and attempts by security forces to prevent opposition supporters from voting.

Coercive Measures to Curb the Brotherhood’s Gains

Irked by the defeat it has suffered at the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood in the parliamentary polls, the government toke repressive measures to block further wins in the third

Fraud Preparations in Kafr el-Sheikh

In Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, fraud preparations are doing for the third round of the ongoing parliamentary polls, on December 1, . A security officer, in el-Sampawan constituency, held a meeting