Tora Prison


Doha Badie: My father in Solitary Confinement, No Blankets, Medicine or Food

 Doha Badie, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie appealed for the relief from the dire situation which her father and other detainees endure in Tora Prison, which

Aisha Al-Shater: Allegations of 5-Star Detainee Treatment Utter Lies

The daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Shater rejects claims of peace and tranquility at junta jails, made by a senior prison official, as baseless propaganda.

Arab Monitor For Media Freedom Renews Calls to Release Journalists, Media Workers

AMMF calls on all organizations concerned with freedom of the press to pressure junta to release 67 journalists and media workers detained in inhuman conditions in Egyptian jails.

Three Anti-Coup Lawyers Await Verdicts for Alleged Constitutional Court ‘Insult’

Overlooking drug lords and criminal thugs, junta justice arrests all opponents – anyone who shows dissent or exposes their fraud and corruption.

Morsi Aide Young Daughter Arrested on False Charges

Karima El-Serafy, 20 Years, is taken from her home by masked security forces and detained incommunicado at an undisclosed location on evidently trumped up charges.

Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mahdi Akef Health Deteriorating in Detention

Under military rule, anti-coup Egyptians are arrested on contrived charges, thrown in jail without trial, put in solitary confinement simply out of spite, and their essential health needs are completely

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Beltagy Accused of Shouting Out Loud

Egypt prosecutor tells leading member of the Brotherhood that he is charged with the crime of "shouting out loud in a way that causes sedition"!

FJP’s Sobhi Saleh Arrested, Detained Badie Emergency Visit Approved

In a vindictive attempt to shut Islamists out of political life altogether, the fascist putschists escalate their witch-hunt of all coup opponents.

Beltagy Beaten in Prison; Affirms Triumph Over Injustice and Oppression

From the depths of the putschists’ dark dungeons, Muslim Brotherhood and FJP leading figure Beltagy assures victory over repression and tyranny is on the horizon.

Beltagy: Mubarak Must Return to Tora Prison

Cash-strapped Egypt pays millions of Dollars for ousted Mubarak’s hospital stay and his transport by special helicopters for all his journeys including court attendances, assuming he is really ill.