Torture in Egypt


Verdict Expected in Khaled Said Case

Amnesty International has urged the Egyptian authorities to ensure that justice is done in the case of Khaled Said, an Egyptian allegedly beaten to death by two police officers one

Activists Remember Khaled Saeed

Considered a catalyst of Egypt’s Revolution Khaled Saeed a torture victim of Egypt’s formed interior ministry will be remembered as Egyptian activists plan anti-torture protests next week in his commemoration.

MB Representative in Fayoum Submits Complaint Against State Security

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman, director of the MB office in Fayyoum and head of the board of management of Makkah Hospital in Fayoum,

Wide Screens in Tahrir Square Viewing the Cases of Torture during Mubarak’s Era

Protesters in Tahrir Sqare used wide screens showing video clips of cases of torture by the former State Security Apparatus against ordinary citizens.

Jurists Demand Quick Probe into Torture and Murder of 300

Jurists and politicians demanded to open an investigation into police torture that took place during the Mubarak regime, torturing more than 300 to death.

State Security’s History of Repression and Torture

Decades of oppression and torture practiced by Security Forces from the successive regimes that ruled over Egypt for more than a hundred years, have competently failed to defend national security

Lawyers Syndicate Calls for Clearing the Ministry of Interior and Dismissal of Mahmoud Wagdy

The Human Rights Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate called on the Supreme Council for Armed Forces to completely change the staff in the Ministry of Interior statring with Minister Mahmoud

Travel Ban and Frozen Assets for Three Former Corrupt Ministers

Corrupt leaders from the ousted Mubarak regime are banned from travelling as Egypt’s army chiefs shut down escape routes.

The West’s Debt to Egypt

The huge protests in Egypt that have been taking place for the past weeks have paid off. Great sacrifices have been made, and hundreds of people have lost their lives,

Will the Military Support or Turn on the People?

From the beginning of the crisis the armed forces have said they are on the streets to protect the people and have reiterated their commitment to protect the nation.