Transitional Period


Muslim Brotherhood: Government Deserves Full Support, Advice Until House Forms New One

Asserting that new Cabinet will be assessed and judged by the Egyptian people, Brotherhood spokesman Arif urges all stakeholders to assist rather than oppose the new government, after Tuesday’s ministerial

Brotherhood’s Aref: ‘Together, We Build Egypt’ Achieves 77% of Targeted Community Programs

Having served Egyptian society for long decades with unique campaign, despite fierce resistance by ruling regimes, the Muslim Brotherhood announces details of successes and achievements of its latest societal support

Katatni: We Understand Transition Precarious Conditions; Support New Government

No-one expected a velvet transition from repressive dictatorship to free and fair democracy in Egypt, but FJP chief Katatni urges all parties, groups and movements to help smooth the transitional

Study: 62% of Media Coverage of Egypt President Unprofessional

A major analysis of print and broadcast media in Egypt reveals that most coverage of the country’s first elected President is negative, selective and deliberately misleading due to ‘private’ agendas.

Journalists for Reform: Journalists are Primary Targets of Counter-Revolution

Egypt’s Journalists For Reform movement accuses Mubarak-era holdovers of violent attacks on all media professionals who stand against replication of the ousted regime in postrevolution Egypt.

Heshmat: Counter-Revolution Pre-Poll Violence Aims to Prolong Transitional Period

Freedom and Justice Party lawmaker Heshmat points that the same hidden hands stoke violence ahead of every election in an attempt to keep Egypt in the chaotic phase of transformation

Arif: Calls to Postpone Elections Replay Previous Attempts to Prolong Transitional Period

Since the fall of autocrat Mubarak in Egypt, certain forces have repeatedly tried to push the country back to the old tyrannical way of governance, absurdly rejecting the elected president,

Katatni Calls All to Close Ranks Behind New Cabinet to Face Political and Economic Challenges

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni urges all political and community leaders in Egypt to put differences aside and positively support the government after the latest reshuffle, in order to

Egypt Opinion Leaders: Overthrow Attempts Against Democracy Aim to Delay Democratization

Leaders of opinion in Egypt denounce coup against legitimate, democratically elected institutions by the elite representing minority opposition who want to impose their will over the majority.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Martyrs, Patriotic Youth Defending Democratic Transformation

Instigators of violence are no patriotic revolutionaries, just paid thugs and criminals, heavily armed with guns and rifles, bladed weapons and Molotov cocktails, out to wreak havoc and paint a