Transitional Period


Actor Mohamed Sobhi: MB Contributions to Egyptian Society Undeniable

Actor Mohamed Sobhi praised Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) contributions to Egyptian soceity, and downplayed concerns of their potential election to power in Egypt.

FJP Leader Urges Egyptian Islamists Practice Politics and “Rationalize” Their Discourse

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Saad El-Katatny criticized the political discourse of some Islamic groups currently on the scene, saying that it needs to be rationalized,

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Military Trials For Civilians

In a statement Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of MB Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat said that military trials do not guarantee full justice for the defendants, adding that Muslim Brothers were among the

SCAF Confirms Elections Will Be Held as Planned

Insisting on ending the transitional period and handing over power Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces SCAF has confirmed that elections will be run as scheduled. It stressed they

MB Leaders Realize Challenges Ahead

Realizing the reality of the situation Muslim Brotherhood leaders addressed attendees during the opening of the group's new centre.