US keeps eye on MB following Mubarak’s ousting

A recent article published in Reuters has stated that the United States is keeping a close watch on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to see what kind of influence it might wield

Speaking out for justice and human rights: Exclusive Interview by Dr. Ashraf Abdelghaffer .

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is one of the largest banned political opposition groups that has significant support from the masses. Ideologically diverse, the Brotherhood calls for dialogue and cooperation,

Scholars issue decree banning self immolation

Since Tunis's uprise wide reports have revealed that at least 10 protesting citizens from North Africa most from Egypt have engaged in self-immolation in protest to unemployment and escalating food

Over 100,000 suicide attempts in 2010 by desperate citizens suffering poor living conditions

According to a recent report by the Cabinet Information Centre over 100,000 suicide attemps were recorded in 2010 in Egypt alone.

MB and ElBaradei warn Egyptian Government of Possible Upheaval

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei warned that in the event of the Egyptian regime continuing to smother peaceful change a popular upheaval will take place similar to the Tunisian

Tunisia’s Al-Nahda’s Islamist opposition Call for RCD to Dissolve

Lotfi Zeiton, a senior member of the Islamic-oriented Al-Nahda (Renaissance) Movement, called for Ben Ali's Constitutional Democratic Rally (RDC) to dissolve.

MB calls for changes to prevent another Tunisia

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the aging President Mubarak ruling for over 30 years to dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections.

Egypt’s Regime Orders Ministers to Avoid Giving Provocative Statements on Subsidizing

The fall of the Tunisian authoritarian regime tends to come as a surprise - a miscalculation by those in power of the scale of popular outrage as it put the

Democratic Tunisia! Can we Dare to Hope?

Tunisians are at a very important moment in their history. Muslims and Democratic advocates everywhere are rooting for them, says Muqtedar Khan.

What Tunisia Means to the Arab World

The grievances that the Tunisian demonstrators have articulated in recent weeks - and in other forms in recent decades - are also widely shared across the entire Arab world, notes