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ElBaradei supports Day of Rage march but will not participate

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has announced that he will not take part in the January 25 Day of Rage Protests. The Noble Peace Prize Laureate stated that although

Speaking out for justice and human rights: Exclusive Interview by Dr. Ashraf Abdelghaffer .

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is one of the largest banned political opposition groups that has significant support from the masses. Ideologically diverse, the Brotherhood calls for dialogue and cooperation,

Tunisia’s Al-Nahda’s Islamist opposition Call for RCD to Dissolve

Lotfi Zeiton, a senior member of the Islamic-oriented Al-Nahda (Renaissance) Movement, called for Ben Ali's Constitutional Democratic Rally (RDC) to dissolve.

Democratic Tunisia! Can we Dare to Hope?

Tunisians are at a very important moment in their history. Muslims and Democratic advocates everywhere are rooting for them, says Muqtedar Khan.

What Tunisia Means to the Arab World

The grievances that the Tunisian demonstrators have articulated in recent weeks - and in other forms in recent decades - are also widely shared across the entire Arab world, notes

Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising

About 37,500 people announced they will take part with the "Khaled Said" Facebook group on January 25th street protests entitled "A Day of Change," and to date number is on

Tunis in Transition

Tens of thousands of people have filled the streets throughout Tunis, dozens of prison inmates have been killed in a prison fire, while looters emptied shops and torched the main

Ghannouchi to Al Jazeera: I Will Return to Tunisia and Call for Dissolution of Parliament

Rashid Ghannouchi, president of Tunisia's main Islamic opposition movement, accused Tunisia's ousted president Zane El Abidine Ben Ali of intimidating the West from the possibility that Islamists come to power.

WikiLeaks Helps Overthrow Dictator in Tunisia

For the first time in history, an Arab dictator has been overthrown by a popular revolution. On Saturday, January 15, Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to

Al-Qaradawi Calls for the Exclusion of Al-Ghannouchi from the Interim Government

Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scientists, stressed that he does not wish that the new government in Tunisia is formed by Al-Ghannouchi.