Tunisian Government


MB calls on Arab nations to support Tunisians

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on all Arab and Islamic factions to stand by the Tunisians. It commended the people's uprising and its fight for its fight for

Tunis 2011 – Has the Long Awaited Change Come?

The mass demonstrations in Tunisia did not just happen overnight; resentment has been brewing for some time in the country.

Al-Ghannouchi to Ikhwanweb: Ben Ali is Still President and Must Leave Forever

The head of the Tunisian Islamist Al-Nahda Islamist Movement, Rashid Al-Ghannouchi described Mohamed Al-Ghannouchi coming to power as getting around the popular revolution against the regime of the Ben Ali,

Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dismisses government as riots mount

The Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dissolved his government calling for early elections.

Deafening Western Silence as Tunisia’s Violence Escalates Despite Curfew

Amid worldwide silence Tunisia's capital, witnessed the killings of 4 citizens by army and police despite a dusk-to-dawn curfew. The army deployed armoured vehicles in the capital.

Why Is the West Turning a Blind Eye to Tunis’ Protest?

According to reliable sources a bus loaded with a number of government militia and a TV team was heading from Tunisia to Kasserine to carry out looting of private and

Wave of arrests of bloggers and activists

Reporters Without Borders condemned the 6 January 2011 arrests and disappearances of bloggers and online activists in a number of Tunisian cities.

Tunisia : Arabic Pinochet Government Respond to Peaceful Protests by Live Ammunition Orchestrating AlJazeera and

The Arabic Network for Human rights Information today denounced the security siege and the ruthless assaults on protesters and demonstrators in the recent protests in many Tunisian cities against unemployment

Tunisia Tries to Silence Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch plans to go ahead with a March 24 public release of “A Larger Prison: Repression of Former Political Prisoners in Tunisia.”

Headlines from the region

Al-Qaeda in North Africa frees hostage A French hostage abducted in Mali and held for three months by al-Qaeda’s north African wing arrived on Wednesday in the capital Bamako, hours