Tunisian People


Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Unite for Victory’ Revolutionary Week

The broadbased anti-coup Alliance in Egypt launches a new week of peaceful protests across the country, urging unity till victory.

Ennahdha Statement on 75th Anniversary of National Martyrs Day

The Tunisian people will tomorrow, 9 April 2013, proudly commemorate the anniversary of Martyrs Day. The 9th of April 1938 was a glorious day in our country's history, on which

Press Statement from Ennahdha Head Rached Ghannouchi’s Office

Following the despicable crime against the leader of the Patriotic Democrats, the late Chokri Belaid, may God have mercy on his soul, some rushed to accuse Ennahdha Party and its

Statement by Ennahdha On the Anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution

Today 14 January 2012, the brave Tunisian people are commemorating the first anniversary of the victory of their great revolution which compelled the dictator to flee, liberated our country from

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Chairman’s Speech Delivered at Friday’s Press Conference

Ennahdha party congratulates the Tunisian people who reali sed a new epic achievement though the great turnout to vote which amazed the world, after having sparked the greatest revolution in

Tunisia: An-Nahdha Warns Against Chaos and Authoritarianism

Our revolution is passing through one of its most critical phases, as our people prepare to hold the elections for a national constituent assembly, while dangers multiply threatening this national

Tunisian Alliance Rejects Calls for Referendum Prior to Constituent Assembly

Following the multiplication of calls for a referendum on 23 October limiting the prerogatives and lifetime of the national constituent assembly to be elected on the same day, the parties

MB Leader in Tunisia Draws Parallels with Egypt’s Revolution

According to Rashid Al Ghannouchi, Head of the Renaissance Party (the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia), Mubarak’s historical trial will push Tunisians to pressure the government to also try the ousted

Tunisia needs International Supervision for the Upcoming July Elections

Two days ago, Dr. Iadh Ben Achour, head of the Tunisian High Council for Political Reforms and the Achievement of the Goals of the Revolution, announced that Tunisia does not

Ben Ali dies in Saudi Arabian hospital

According to reports from France 2 the ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has died at a hospital in Jeddah.