IOA plans to build new tunnels under J’lem

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) intends to build new tunnels beneath the occupied city of Jerusalem connecting the Judaized Sharaf neighborhood (formerly Arab area) in the Old City with Al-Buraq

A trip from Gaza to Eilat and back – by Omar Ghraieb

Under the hardships of living that camp in the small space of his modest bungalow, and hindered from providing a somewhat decent living to his seven little kids who depend

MB MP denounces Palestinian killings by banned poisonous gases

Dr. Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc condemned the killing of four Palestinians and wounding of eight inside the tunnels on the Gazan border

Interior ministry denies closing tunnels

The interior ministry in the Palestinian government in Gaza has denied news reports that it had closed tunnels used for providing goods for the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians wounded as Egypt blows up tunnel

On Wednesday, Egyptian security forces destroyed a smuggling tunnel underneath the Egypt-Gaza border, wounding at least four Palestinians who were inside the tunnel at the time of detonation, medical sources

Salah: Razing homes in J’lem aimed to pave the way for more tunnels and temples

Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands, said Friday that the Israeli escalation of demolishing Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem is aimed to

Abu Marzouk: Hamas is the pulse of the Nation

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political bureau chairman of Hamas, has said that his Movement would remain the prime advocate of the resistance option against occupation and would remain