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Ghorab Urges Media to Remain Fair and Balanced

Hazem Ghorab, director of Misr25 channel, called upon all Egyptian satellite channels and journalists to show professionalism and integrity, stop chanting the same partisan lyrics, quit attempts to exclude the

Media Men Denied Access to the IDSC Silver Jubilee Celebration

Journalists, newspapers and TV channels were blocked from attending the celebration of the Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center Silver Jubilee, after 25 years of its establishment.

Egypt’s emboldened press now feeling the backlash

With lively independent newspapers and rollicking TV political talk shows, Egypt's journalists in recent years have pushed the boundaries of what you can say about the government in this authoritarian

Watchdogs Condemn Clampdown on NileSat Broadcaster

As parliamentary elections near Egypt has witnessed more and more control by the ruling regime over state media.

Gov’t shuts down 20 satellite channels ahead of parliamentary elections

Egypt’s government broadcaster NileSat turned the plug off more than 20 satellite stations claiming they aired programmes run by extremist hosts encouraging religion intolerance and violating broadcasting licenses.

ANHRI condemns gov’t restrictions on freedom of expression

Deep resentment was expressed by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information condemning the successive decisions restricting media freedoms in Egypt prior to the forthcoming public elections.