MB Statement on Incidents in Syria

The Brotherhood treasures Syria's good position as a pillar of resistance, embracing Palestinian rights for liberating the land, supporting the armed resistance, embracing the stances of Palestinian faction leaders, and

Mohammed Mahdi Akef: Have faith for there will be a bright tomorrow for the Islamic

In his weekly statement to the Muslim Brotherhood movement the chairman Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef,

MB Press Release on the Brutal Israeli Assaults on Gaza

The MB strongly declares its refusal of these criminal attacks, terrorist practices, plots and conspiracies that are being plotted in the night against the Palestinian resistance, Hamas’ fighters, and their

MB Statement On Referring MB Members to Military Court

While all Egyptians are waiting for a unified stance at the public and government levels towards the Zionist violations against Al Aqsa Mosque, and while government vetted and official media

Egypt: Second Arrest Warrant Against 42 Al-Azhar University Students

The Egyptian Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant again against 42 Al-Azhar University students after Cairo Criminal court acquitted them last Wednesday Jan., 31, 2007, on Al-Azhar case No. 963

Habib: MB Poses No Threat to Egypt’s Security

Dr. Mohamed Habib said that president Mubarak did not accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of violence, terrorism or extremism in his latest statement and "this is a recognition from the president