Following Meeting With American NGO, MB Welcomes Dialogue Based on Non-Interference in Egypt Affairs

In a statement to IkhwanWeb, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said that the group undoubtedly welcomes free dialogue with anyone, so long as that is

Tunisia’s Deposed President — Corrupt, Anti-Democratic, and One of America’s Close Friends

Across the Middle East and Central Asia, U.S. allies are invariably corrupt dictators, maintained in power by lavish patronage and the military.

Obama Plays the Fox

On Saturday, 20 December a State Department spokesperson announced that the United States government is actively negotiating with Israel the price of a proposed 90 day cessation of settlement activity

Palestinians fear more serious stage of Egyptian steel wall

A giant crane in Egypt near the Salahuddin Gate on the Gaza-Egypt border is steadily embedding giant steel plates into the earth, even though Palestinians can penetrate the plates. But

Egypt confirms the arrest of Gaza man on his way back from Umrah

A public security leader in Gaza Mohammed Khamis Debabeche is still in questioning in Cairo after he was arrested a few days back on charges of involvement in several operations

The boycott blunder

Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has called for a boycott of parliamentary elections unless President Hosni Mubarak's government makes reforms. That would be a mistake.

Foreign Reactions to US Anti-Muslim Events, Part II: Qur’an Burning Day

This is the second of a four-part series of posts on foreign reactions to recent anti-Muslim rhetoric in the U.S.

Free Gaza: First Murder, Then Theft And Lies From The World’s Most Moral Army

London – Free Gaza Movement - An investigation revealed by Israeli news sources confirms that an Israeli military officer and soldiers stole and sold laptops belonging to passengers on board

Israel: Second-Class Citizens

Should Israel be encouraged to enact legislation guaranteeing equal rights for all of its citizens as part of any peace agreement with the Palestinians?

Strategies for Engaging Political Islam: A Middle East, U.S. and EU ‘Trialogue’

POMED and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung hosted a panel discussion on practical strategies for engaging political Islam. Current policies of engagement by the U.S. and E.U.