PRESS RELEASE: UK PM’ Review Into the Muslim Brotherhood Find No Links to Acts of

Lawyers representing the Muslim Brotherhood have been informed that the Prime Minister’s review into the organisations activities has cleared them of any links to acts of terrorism.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Egyptians Abroad Boycotting Show Presidential Vote

The FJP salutes and praises awareness and patriotism of Egyptian expatriates who shunned the illegitimate, fraudulent elections.

ICC Complaint Will Continue Despite Prosecutor’s ‘Wrong’ Decision

On Friday 25th April 2014 the ICC prosecutor, Mrs Fatou Besouda, informed the democratically elected government of Egypt that the complaint submitted by them detailing serious allegations of international crimes

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation Visits UK

This week, March 25-30, a delegation from the Freedom and Justice Party began an official visit to the United Kingdom, to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the Egyptian

Egypt’s military calls on US and EU to freeze assets of ousted Mubarak’s aides

Following the historical toppling of Egypt’s ruling regime, the Egyptian military led government has called upon the US and EU to freeze the assets of top former leaders under the

J’lem attorney discloses Israeli plan for full destruction of city

The Israeli government is “planning to completely destroy the city of Jerusalem and a erect a new Jerusalem with a Zionist vision amid a plan it prepared which it calls

UK foreign minister handed letter from Jerusalemite officials facing exile

A Jerusalemite delegation handed on Wednesday visiting British foreign minister William Hague a letter from the Palestinian officials threatened with expulsion from their native city in which they warned of

Britain hangs out “welcome” sign to war criminals

Stuart Littlewood views the efforts of Israel’s stooges at the heart of the British government, William Hague and the Conservative Friends of Israel, to amend UK law so that Israeli

Israeli tourism ad in UK depicting Aqsa Mosque as part of Israel banned

An Israeli tourist office press campaign in the United Kingdom has displayed the Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock as part of Israel

Pakistanis’ cry for besieged Palestinians

Political and religious leaders representing all shades of Pakistani population issued an urgent warning to the world against the continued genocide of Palestinian Muslims by Israeli Zionists and the building