Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Condemns UN Envoy Remarks On Idlib

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria followed with astonishment the statements of the UN special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, regarding Idlib, where he said "there are thousands of terrorists

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Egyptians Abroad Boycotting Show Presidential Vote

The FJP salutes and praises awareness and patriotism of Egyptian expatriates who shunned the illegitimate, fraudulent elections.

ICC Complaint Will Continue Despite Prosecutor’s ‘Wrong’ Decision

On Friday 25th April 2014 the ICC prosecutor, Mrs Fatou Besouda, informed the democratically elected government of Egypt that the complaint submitted by them detailing serious allegations of international crimes

Hamas: Abbas UN Bid Forging Fantasies And Illusions

Osama Hamdan, head of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas’ international relations department, stressed the Movement’s rejection of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s UN statehood bid, because it falls in the context

Israeli air raids wound four citizens

Israeli warplanes launched a new raid on Hashashin area in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday evening targeting a training camp for the Qassam Brigades, the armed

Mubarak’s party poised for Egypt poll triumph

Egypt awaited the final results on Tuesday of a parliamentary election that is set to deliver sweeping gains for President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party and all but shut out the

Human development report reveals Egypt ranks 101

A report unveiled at the UN by Ban Ki Moon secretary general revealed that Egypt ranks as a medium development country, coming 101 out of 169 countries on the human

Foreign Reactions to US Anti-Muslim Events, Part II: Qur’an Burning Day

This is the second of a four-part series of posts on foreign reactions to recent anti-Muslim rhetoric in the U.S.

Hamas, don’t blow this chance

Can the resistance exploit the fake talks, re-position itself and finally "come good”?

UNRWA slams Israeli seizure of 9 houses in Old City, J’lem

UNRWA condemned on Saturday a group of Israeli settlers who by force of arms and under Israeli military protection seized a building which houses 9 Palestinian families in Old City,