FJP MPs Draw up Features of National Economy Rejuvenation

Freedom and Justice Party MPs reaffirmed that the party’s priorities, with respect to the economy, is the elimination of financial corruption, providing job opportunities for the unemployed, economic development, solving

The New Pan-Arabism

Political pan-Arabism was a failure. Will poplar pan-Arabism be more successful? Will Arab solidarity be more than an empty slogan? Three developments are necessary at this historic moment if the

Syria lifts Emergency law, State Security Court and approves the right to demonstrate

The Syrian government on Tuesday approved a drafted law for ending the State of Emergency enforced since 1963.

Arab Youth – Changing Worldwide Perceptions

Change has definitely come to the Arab world and it has come at the hands of the youth. They are not just changing the political scene, but also how Westerners

Tunisia needs International Supervision for the Upcoming July Elections

Two days ago, Dr. Iadh Ben Achour, head of the Tunisian High Council for Political Reforms and the Achievement of the Goals of the Revolution, announced that Tunisia does not

MB Statement on Atrocities Committed by Libya’s Gaddafi, Yemen’s Saleh against their People

The Muslim Brotherhood's hearts are heavy because of the insane war waged by the Libyan regime in which he uses heavy weapons including tanks and artillery against his people who

UK Awaiting Files on Freezing Mubarak’s Assets

British authorities have stated that they have not yet received files over looted money Egypt is trying to bring back from banks and companies inside the UK.

MB Press Release on Cleansing Egypt to Build It on a Sound Footing

Millions gathered Friday in Tahrir Square, Cairo and Alexandria and all Egypt's governorates while rallying crowds cried out Egypt is free, demanding to clean the country from remnants of Mubarak's

Campaigners Pressure G20 to Freeze Mubarak’s Assets

Seventy-eight campaigners maintained they had signed a letter making recommendations to the G20 on each of the 11 points covered by the action plan.

Ben Ali dies in Saudi Arabian hospital

According to reports from France 2 the ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has died at a hospital in Jeddah.