PLC: 2010 will witness intensive attacks on everthing in J’lem

The Jerusalem committee of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) on Wednesday warned that 2010 will witness more Israeli violations and escalating attacks on everything in the occupied city of Jerusalem

Cairo to Host Conference on Stolen Antiquities

The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities announced on Wednesday that 30 countries that possess ancient Egyptian monuments and artifacts will participate in a conference next April in Cairo to discuss

Cairo life resumes its grind after World Cup hopes dashed

Nov 19, 2009 (AFP) - Loss and bitterness replaced triumph on Thursday as life in Cairo resumed its daily grind after Algeria ended the Pharoahs' World Cup hopes.

MB MP Ossama Gado calls for government to prosecute antiquities smuggling

MP Ossama Gado, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, called on the Ministry of Culture to disclose a network involved in the smuggling of Egyptian antiquities abroad valued

Farouk Hosni’ Egypt’s secret agent or Minister of Culture?

Jurist and former Minister Dr. Yahya al-Gamal was the first to refer that Egypt’s Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni engaged in security and intelligence activities during his work in Paris

The future of Egypt’s political system

We reached a conclusion in last week's article that what is being said about "the bequeathal of power" in Egypt is not just an "illusion contrived by the opposition and

Farouk Hosni and the conspiracy theory

Following Farouk Hosni's losing bid to UNESCO, official sources in Egypt said, "The European-American alliance and the Jewish lobby managed to defeat the Egyptian candidate for UNESCO, Culture Minister Farouk

Egypt: Blogging Farouk Hosni’s Defeat

Egypt's Culture Minister Farouk Hosni has kept bloggers busy over the previous few days. His failed bid to secure a seat at the helm of the United Nations Educational, Scientific,

New round in UNESCO vote as Hosni misses majority

Egypt's controversial candidate for UNESCO director general failed to win an absolute majority in a ballot of world envoys on Friday, with the vote now set to head to a

A Book Burner for UNESCO?

As deliberations began ahead of voting for the new culture chief of the United Nations, news surfaced last week that Egyptian police had arrested more than 150 people for allegedly