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Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Unjust Death Sentences Against 75 Political Prisoners of Its Members

A new massacre is being prepared by the fascist military coup through its politicized judiciary, which today, September 8, issued an initial and unjust death sentences against 75 of the

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Condemns UN Envoy Remarks On Idlib

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria followed with astonishment the statements of the UN special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, regarding Idlib, where he said "there are thousands of terrorists

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Zionist

In the midst of repeated threats by the Zionist aggression army to launch a new war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Knesset (the Zionist parliament), on Thursday, issued the

Muslim Brotherhood on Human Rights Watch’s Report on Torture in Coup Prisons

Human Rights Watch’s latest report on torture in Egypt under the coup regime is clear and compelling, documenting brutal military coup crimes in Egyptian prisons, which it described as crimes

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Palestine Nakba Day with Renewed Liberation Vows

On this day, sixty-eight years ago (May 15, 1948), the United Nations issued its fateful resolution No. 181 for the partition of Palestine, granting what it never owned to Zionist

Austria Parliament Moves to Stop Egypt Executions, Human Rights Violations

In a special session Wednesday, Austrian Parliament condemns coup crimes, repression and brutality in Egypt.

Renowned Scholar Qaradawi: Islam Urges Humane Treatment of All Prisoners

According to highly-respected Muslim scholar Dr Qaradawi, Islam prohibits cruelty to prisoners of war and all humans in general.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Leader UN Visit

In a statement issued Thursday, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounces UN welcome of coup commander Al-Sisi, whose hands are stained with the fresh blood of thousands of innocent Egyptians.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘Coup Does Not Represent Egypt’ Protest Tuesday

Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the coup calls all citizens to participate in a peaceful Tuesday (September 24) protest under the banner 'Coup Does Not Represent

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Israel of Consequences of Irresponsible Acts

Muslim Brotherhood statement accuses Israel of spreading chaos, terror and aggression in the heart of the Arab world, and of seeking to partition Arab countries in order to gain full