Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance: Egypt Students Leading the Revolution

Egyptian students' patriotic peaceful action pierces the illusion of iron-grip military repression of Revolution and protesters.

Students Against The Coup: Delay of Academic Year Start Will Not Stop Revolution

Egypt's most popular anti-coup student movement condemns the military junta's postponement of new semester start.

32,000 Muslim Brothers Detained Under Old Regime Emergency Law

Brutal repression, torture, false imprisonment, illegal confiscation of personal property, travel bans, murder… just a few of the forms of oppression and injustice suffered by tens of thousands of Brotherhood

The interference continues with MB students eliminated from Student Body electoral rolls of Cairo and

 Rigging of the student body elections continue where more than 40 Muslim Brotherhood students at Cairo University noticed that their names were not included in the final lists for the

Fraud and intransparent student body elections evident in all of the Egyptian universities.

Universities and faculties all over Egypt witnessed the unjust measures where students of the MB were denied the opportunity to withdraw applications for nomination in the students body election.

People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance

Egyptian Actor Nour Al Sherif said that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and that it targeted in the past, only  occupiers.