University guards


Egyptian national parties organize strike

Egyptian national parties organized a strike in front of Cairo University, complaining about the humiliation that professors and students face and the ill-treatment they receive from security guards and gangsters

World Freedom Day Turns into a Demonstration with Demands to expel Egyptian University Guards

Egyptian universities' celebrations on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day has shifted to organized protests demanding immediate implementation of the Supreme Administrative Court's decision to expel university guards.

Rights Organization Ranks Ain Shams University as First and Worst in Violating Students’ Rights

“Defend Egypt’s Students” campaign, run by the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, observed the number of violations suffered by students in Ain Shams University.

Ayman Nour’s – Elections in the Dark Warns of Vote-Rigging

Mohamed Beltagy, assistant secretary-general of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of the National Association for Change, has stressed that participation in the upcoming elections discloses the anticipated foul play

Assiut University Guards Abduct and Attack Two Students

On Thursday, October 28, 2010 university guards in Assiut University abducted two activists from the National Association for Change (NAC) while they were hanging banners calling for the signing of

Egypt: University Professors Confirm Their Respect for Court Order

A recent statement by Cairo University president, Hossam Kamel, indicated that he respected the recent judicial ruling to remove all state security from university campuses, stressing that he appreciated the

Academics wonder if court ban on university guards be followed through

A recent court ruling barring guards and security personnel from university grounds is being celebrated by students, academics and intellectuals despite controversy about its enforcement.

Egyptian Coalition Takes the Case of Somaya Ashraf to WashingtonPost

The Coalition of Egyptian Organizations in North America condemns the brutal attacks on Azhar student, Somaya Ashraf, who was beaten by university guards and security last week.

Egyptian Court Orders University Guards to Leave Cairo University

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt led by Counselor Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, upheld a final verdict to end the long police presence in Egyptian universities which revoked the interior minister’s decision

Egypt: Court rules in favour of students and orders police off university campuses

A ruling by the High Court in Egypt has issued a rule ordering the government to abolish all police forces from university campuses. The police control access to the campus