University Students


Rights Activists Condemn Continued Forced Disappearance of ‘Students Against The Coup’ Spokesman Ghoneim

As coup authorities continue to hold hostage the spokesman of the main anti-coup student movement, activists launch a campaign demanding his release, or at least information regarding his whereabouts.

Egypt: Court rules in favour of students and orders police off university campuses

A ruling by the High Court in Egypt has issued a rule ordering the government to abolish all police forces from university campuses. The police control access to the campus

University guards assault campaigners ahead of student elections

The University students' body election scheduled to take place in a few weeks. Normally the elections are rigged in favour of the pro-government students and security bodies.

Angry protesters call for immediate release of political detainees

Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, called for participation from all walks of life.

Students rally, calling for the release of their colleagues and freedom of expression.

Egyptian university students from all political movements and leanings have called for the amendment of the Constitution with regards to the banning of political activities within universities' campuses.

5 Alex. University Students, 1 Employee Arrested

State Security Police detained five students and employee working in the Alexandria court on Wednesday evening from Al-Agamy summer resort, west of Alexandria.

Prosecution Jails Hanoville Trip Students 15 Days

The Higher State Security Prosecution ordered, on Sunday, 7th, 2007, 45 Muslim Brotherhood students jailed for 15 days under investigation, although the security forces found no sequestered items that may

Cairo Univ. teaching club demands Azhar professors released

The Cairo University teaching club expressed its deep concern over the latest security crackdown against six teaching staff members in Egyptian universities, on charge of inciting students in Al-Azhar University