Upcoming Elections


FJP Will Form Broad Government, If It Wins Majority in Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, vows to form a broad-based government, if it gets a clear majority in forthcoming elections to the House of Representatives.

Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Be Dragged Into Violence; Seeking Genuine Dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, rejects as both unpatriotic and undemocratic desperate efforts to disrupt forthcoming parliamentary elections, now an evident pre-election phenomenon in postrevolution Egypt arena.

Democratic Alliance Decides to Compete for All Parliamentary Seats

The Democratic Alliance started a series of meetings on Sunday to coordinate for the upcoming elections.

Thugs Attack Freedom and Justice Party Leader, Steal Car

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohamed Beltagy was attacked by gun wielding thugs Friday evening on Ring Road 20 km from Cairo while he was driving to Qalyubeya for

SCAF Confirms Elections Will Be Held On Time

According to a recent statement by a military official SCAF will not postpone parliamentary elections. He maintained that the new parliament should focus mainly on drafting a new constitution that

MB Shura Council Dismisses Abul Fotouh

Following lengthy debate by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council, a decision has been reached by majority of votes on Saturday to dismiss Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh.

National Coalition for Egypt Set Up

The “National Coalition for Egypt,” was launched yesterday following numerous meetings held earlier last week between political factions.

MB Chairman Calls on Factions to Unite and Identify Egypt’s Priorities

Repeating the assertion that the Brotherhood will not nominate any member for presidency, Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke in an interview on Egypt’s satellite channel denying that the group manipulates politics

Political expert: Opposition Party differences Must be Overcome

Addressing crowds in a symposium at the General Egypt Library in Damanhour, Beheira Amr al-Shobaki, an expert in the Ahram Centre for Political and strategic studies covered numerous issues.

EU Supports Egypt’s Developing Democracy

According to Marc Franco, head of the European Union delegation to Egypt, Europe supports the democratic transformation in Egypt after the 25 January Revolution which toppled Mubarak and his regime.