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Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable

After decades of solid support for repressive dictatorships around the world and 30 long years of full backing for the repressive, tyrannical Mubarak regime, the U.S. administration boldly criticizes Egypt’s

Letter to the American People: by Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat al-Shater

Today’s world is a global village; nations are closer than ever before. In such a world, respect for values and figures — religious or otherwise — that nations hold dear

US Denies It offered to Send Troops to Protect Coptic Churches

Statement on the Events of October 9 We are deeply concerned by the violence between demonstrators and security forces in Cairo October 9, which resulted in a number of deaths

Egyptian Government Rejects US Conditional Aid

Egypt has officially rejected conditional US aid worth USD 150 million in light of US economic support to Egypt, helping it overcome its economic woes and support the process of

America’s “Dog in the Fight” – by Franklin Lamb

The United States will not support meaningful civil, social or economic rights for the World's largest and oldest refugee population and it wants them naturalized anywhere except anyplace in Palestine.

The US Embassy denies intervention in Egypt’s affairs

Haynes Mahoney, spokesman for the US Embassy in Cairo stressed that the drafted law to support democracy and freedoms in Egypt submitted by a number of the US Senators was

Al Azhar Grand Imam meets with US Muslim Representative

Farah Pandith, special representative to the Muslim communities for the US State department, held a press conference at the US embassy before meeting with Dr. Ahmed Altayeb, al Azhar Grand

US Muslim envoy visiting Egypt

Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State Farah Pandith will visit Egypt from June 15 to June 18.

Insta-Reactions to Today’s Pro-Democracy Protest in Egypt

I was just at the pro-democracy protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, which finished up about 30 minutes ago (although I think many of the protestors are still trapped in by

Egypt: Police arrest failed bomb suspect

The Ministry of Interior revealed that Gamal Hussein, a 49-year-old tailor, was arrested in the Garden City district where the embassy of the United States is located. He was going